Smart reserve

Share your services and engage your customers

Capture qualified leads before your competitors and turn your visitors into customers. Place your appointment-booking widget online, virtual, and by phone, from your website, your Store Locator, GMB, Facebook, and Instagram. A solution that can be easily deployed !

Time saved for my sale reps

So that they can focus on tasks with higher added value

An enriched shopping experience

Offering a direct connection with your customers, anywhere and anytime

Easy and quickly deployed

Smart TraffiK deploys easily the Smart Reserve pack !

Digitalize your services

Activate appointment scheduling and other online services, available via a complete wall of services to increase your conversions.

Share your appointments online

93% of French people use Google and 42% use Facebook. Don’t miss the opportunity to be visible by sharing your appointments online via our partners Google and Facebook.

Integrate the solution with your ecosystem

Thanks to our interface and its many connectors, integrate your leads into your CRM, view your appointments in store, and synchronize your Google and Outlook calendars.

Let’s innovate together

Smart Reserve allows you to implement enhanced, revenue-generating devices such as Call & Collect or remote appointments.
Who are our partners?

Facebook Reserve

Google Reserve

Try our solutions

Do you want to massively increase the number of in-store visits by allowing appointments to be booked online?

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