Our history

We long thought, or suggested, that e-commerce represented a threat to brick-and-mortar stores. Despite this, 9 out of 10 sales are still made in-store and more than half of consumers worldwide do online searches before making an offline purchase, which proves that consumers need this special connection with points of sale. It is therefore crucial to create a bridge between online and offline interactions. With the customer journey becoming ever more complex, it has become essential to ensure a local presence at all customer points of contact. This can be done by offering a seamless customer journey.

Today, 73% of French consumers say that they would prefer to buy from retailers that also offer a personalized shopping experience.

It is with this understanding that Laurent Simonin, Emmanuel Isnard, and Yann Gilquin founded Smart Traffik in 2012. Smart Traffik designs, develops, and markets web-to-store solutions in SaaS mode and/or custom solutions to ensure the visibility of store, product, and/or service information on the web’s main audience hubs.

Thanks to its offering of innovative, easy activated web-to-store solutions and its partnerships (Google, Facebook, Criteo, etc.), Smart Traffik allows retailers and brands to generate qualified leads efficiently, while enriching the customer experience.

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Specialists based in Paris, Lyon, and Chicago
The values that drive us each and every day
At Smart TraffiK, we share certain strong values firmly rooted in the company’s DNA, promoting the well-being of our employees and their productivity.

Collective intelligence

Allow employees to take individual initiatives in a sustainable development approach rather than imposing guidelines on them, followed by monitoring.


Establish a climate of trust and recognition, in which they can full express their skills with determination, if and only if they are granted sufficient autonomy.


Autonomy does not mean anarchy. Defined collectively to frame the operation of the structure, rules ensure the freedom of each person and respect for the company’s objectives. Autonomy is therefore at the heart of the managerial system.

Discover the Smart TraffiK dream team

We utilize our skills and team spirit while working towards same goal: to maximize the visibility and sales of establishments using the internet. Multiculturalism is an integral part of Smart Traffik, which now has employees from around the world: the “crème de la crème.”

CSR issues at the heart of our strategy

Smart Traffik has made CSR issues a priority objective starting in 2021. In an effort to respect its talents and the environment, Smart Traffik will be part of a social and sustainable approach.

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