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Extend the local exposure of your network, create a digital catchment area, and improve your SEO

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An additional acquisition lever

  • A seamless web-to-store shopping experience
  • Digitalization of the physical experience
  • High SEO optimization 
  • +32% traffic on store pages
  • An overarching vision of the store and netwok's performance
  • Updated information in real-time. 
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Benefits for the shopper

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  • Quick and easy access to the store information, to optimize conversion
  • With geolocalization, shoppers are directed towards the nearest store
  • A double-entry search, by MapView or by product
  • A multi-device experience

Advantages of the solution

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Setup of event operations (geolocalized refund offer, product launch, pre-order)
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A wide range of web mapping services (Google, Nokia, OpenStreetMaps...)
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Proprietary auto-completion system – search by product, service, or brand