Capitalize on a unified network inventory to ensure produt availability and faster delivery

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Online Reservation
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Click & Pickup
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Express Delivery
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Boost conversion rate on your website

  • The solution for completing e-commerce sales with no inventory in warehouses
  • Real-time overview of national inventory
  • Customizable your rules (pre-set available inventory, store distance...)
  • In-store inventory can be used to complete online orders, via the e-commerce conversion funnel. 
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Integrates with the store’s back office

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  • Smart order-overlapping algorithm with assignation to a priority-ranked store
  • Order alert
  • Creation of shipping labels tailored to the logistic partner
  • Can be connected to the main logistic partners on the market, via their API

Advantages of the solution

Works in synergy with the other Smart Traffik widgets - Through a single backoffice
Orders are transferred to a MarketPlace