In-Store Analytics

Enrich your knowledge of your customers and improve the shopper experience.
The Smart Box® allows you to collect points of sale data and analyze visitor behavior, and thus create a unique visitor experience to boost your ROI.


Create an engaging experience at the point of sale

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  • By positioning the Smart Box at strategic points, collect data in real time by capturing your visitors’ smartphones.
  • Analyze shopper buying behavior and the time spent in stores and outlets.
  • Optimize the layout of your sales facilities, the management of your teams, and your marketing actions.
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smart box



Powerful functionalities

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  • Phygital transformation of points of sale
  • Valuation of real-time data: unique visitors, frequency of visits, loyalty, smartphone brands, duration of visits, busy periods, arrival hours, departure hours, duration of the visit, behavior profile and segments, visitor’s trajectory....
  • Access to the visitor’s trajectory: examination of endcaps, crowded areas...
  • Recognizing/knowledge of customers

The solution advantages

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No app needed (tracking of smartphones with activated Wi-Fi)
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Quick and easy installation. Connects to the AC power supply. Small size. Long range.
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Reconciles drive-to-store with in-store data