Omnichannel is a reality

Amazon was THE big winner of Black Friday, according to GBH Insights. This annual event opens the doors to the usual end-of-the-year sales, and represents the start of a highly commercial period. The tech giant is expected to register 45% to 50% of all Black Friday e-commerce sales.

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Amazon is aware of the importance of omnichannel today, which is why the internet retailer has massively invested in Brick and Mortar this year, to diversify its product and service range.

By leveraging its recent acquisition of Whole Foods, and opening pop-up stores at those retail locations, Amazon is getting closer to its customers. Furthermore, Amazon’s recent alignment with Kohl’s (+1000 stores in the USA) will allow the tech giant to enrich the shopper experience by accommodating in-store returns, or other services like the Click & Pickup option. Kohl’s has mastered the Click & Pickup service in terms of availability and efficient processing of reservations and communications with the customer regarding their order status. Amazon will also be able to use Kohl’s network as new storage and transit points.

A value-driven commerce

71% of shoppers plan to make their end-of-year holiday purchases in store, while 47% of them will shop online*. Digital is now a crucial part of the purchasing journey and 67% of shoppers plan to conduct online research before making in-store purchases. Therefore, leveraging the online presence is important, with an optimized SEO, a well-managed online reputation, and consistently up-to-date information.

Brands and retailers need to build a great customer experience, with a seamless path for the shopper across all the desired channels. It has paid off for the key players who have already implemented such solutions and noticed that the omnichannel shoppers spend more in store. According to McKinsey research and Harvard Business Review, the omnichannel shopper spends 4% more in store and 10% more online.

Omnichannel goes beyond Retail

A Think with Google analysis highlights the importance of Omnichannel in all industries. Retail, Finance, Energy, Automotive, they all encounter the omnichannel shopper. The omnichannel shopper will draw its inspiration from browsing the Web before meeting with a sales associate, travel advisor, banker or insurance agent.

Despite the facts, it seems that only 41% of brands and retailers relate to omnichannel (HFN study). The path toward digital transformation is not easy, brands and retailers need to stay ahead of the competition by constantly reinventing themselves and adapting to new shopping behaviors.



** Salesforce